These Newborn Twins “Talk” With Each Other. Don’t Miss What Their Dad Recorded Next!

If you’re in a big family, you’re probably aware of one of the most natural truths in human life: siblings are connected in a way that cannot be put into words easily. And this can only be looked even more clearly in siblings that had a relationship since they were in the womb. Whether they’re identical or not doesn’t matter all that much in the end; those 9 months together in the closest way possible mark people for life.

Twin relationships are some of the most mystifying and magical things I can imagine, and it’s adorable to witness it on videos such as the one below. In it, you will see two little girls who have just recently been born, and are sharing their first few moments outside of mommy together!

It’s adorable to see how they try to talk with each other through blabber already, maybe it’s the way they used to have conversations before! Babies are a true blessing from heaven, and I’m glad to see people’s recordings of their happiest moments shared on the internet.

Watch this adorable pair of twins have their first conversation in the cute video right below, I’m sure you’re going to love it just as much as I did!

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