These newborn twins “talk” with each other, so don’t miss what their dad saw next

Anyone who comes from a big family, or even if they have just one sibling, knows that siblings are often connected in a way that cannot be described. This is just one of life’s obvious truths. This relationship bond is even stronger when babies share space in the womb as twins. It doesn’t even matter if they are identical or fraternal. They still have a unique bond for a lifetime after nine months in the womb.

The bond between twins is often described as mystical and magical, but perhaps because it is not fully understood. History shows that twins have often been the subject of research projects, some not so positive. The unique connection twins have to each other is just one aspect of twins that has been researched over and over. But the bond between these baby girls in the video is just adorable, and no research is needed to prove that. You’ll see twin newborns talking to each other and sharing their first moments outside the womb.

In the video is seems like they have been talking to each other since conception and just continue after they are born without missing a beat. Babies are always a gift and it’s great to see a father recording these special moments between his twin girls and sharing it on the Internet so we can enjoy it too.

Watch this adorable pair of twins have their first conversation in the video below. I’m sure you will love it just as much as I did!