Newlyweds get Footloose and make their first dance a memorable one

The “first dance” has become a well-established tradition at wedding receptions: before the guests cut a rug, the newly married couple kick things off with a dance (it used to be considered proper etiquette for the newlyweds to wait until their guests started dancing). Nowadays, few people are adept at ballroom dancing, so couples will either do a simple slow dance or learn a special dance just for the occasion. Some newlyweds get creative and put on a real show for their guests. As you’ll soon see, one couple went completely Footloose.

“Footloose” was composed by singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins for the for the 1984 movie of the same name. Loggins made contributions to so many movie soundtracks in the 1970s and ’80s that he earned the nickname The Soundtrack King!

Although various changes were made, the 2011 remake of “Footloose” has a story line that’s quite similar to the original. It’s about high school drama and romance in a small and very stifling town where dancing has been banned. As for the soundtrack, most of the songs were new, but several from the original movie were made anew and included. The title song was reinterpreted by Blake Shelton who gave it an upbeat country flavor.

As you’ll see (and hear) in the video posted below, it was this new version of “Footloose” that the couple chose for their first dance. The groom comes out first and busts out some impressive dance moves, including a back flip. Then the bride hits the floor, wearing a short dress and cowboy boots. They put on a superb dance routine, to the delight of their guests — and the internet, where their video has racked-up an impressive 6 million views.

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