No One Believed Her When She Told Them About Her Horse, So She Filmed Him to Prove It

I have seen kitties and pups playing with balls and toys, but never a horse until now.  I actually had never seen or even imagined that horse would be interested in a ball until I watched this video…

The adorable horse in this video is Buster and I bet you have never seen a horse quite like him. Though as a farm boy myself, I’ve seen some amazing horses in my time…

Buster has a childlike simplicity about him making him quite appealing and he shows it by simply playing with his blue ball. He keeps on roaming around the field putting his blue ball in his mouth like it is his best friend and playmate.

According to Buster’s owner, he is mischievous and likes to play with whatever he can find. This is a trait that is found in particularly intelligent animals, including horses. Did you know that?

Buster’s owner even compares him to the character Donkey, from the Shrek series, and tells us that this young, beautiful horse is quite a handful…

I suppose that means there is never a dull moment when Buster is around, and I’m sure his owner is always wondering what he’s up to. Buster surely is a loving horse with an amazing and amusing personality.

UPDATE FROM BUSTER’S MOM: “Thanks for watching! Buster is a great horse.A lot of folks have asked about that “thing” on his foot  I had a light bandage on his knee for a scratch and it apparently was coming loose, but he’s all healed up. He continues his silly antics and is always joyful. He could be compared to DONKEY in SHREK. He is a handful, but very loving. I’m sure he’d be glad to know he has fans. With his super personality it seems that “Everybody loves Buster.” Mischievous young horse likes to play with anything–today it’s his ball–he pops it at the end.”

Watch Buster playing with his favorite ball and tell us how you felt watching it. Be sure to share this video on social media so all of your friends who love horses can see it.

No One Believed Her When She Told Them About Her Horse, So She Filmed Him to Prove It