Nobody believed dad when he described his baby’s morning routine with the cat so he captured this

If there’s one thing babies love to do, it’s to babble. Far from being a pointless, though often adorable, form of noise-making, there’s method to the madness. Babbling is a way to practice making various different sounds, an essential step on the road to learning how to talk. Of course, if a baby is trying to tell us something with his or her babbling, we might or might not get the message. We have similar trouble understanding our pets’ vocalizations. Cat sounds can be particularly mysterious. Unless they’re really just asking for food all the time — something we can’t rule out — those meows, chirps, growls, and purrs can be baffling.

Could inter-species communication somehow be easier for our babies, human and furry? The idea might seem a little “out there,” but after seeing the video we’ve posted below, you could be forgiven for wondering. In it, a baby girl and the family’s tabby cat have a lively little conversation. The two of them really do seem to be communicating with each other, as if they’re in their own little world together. Babbled questions are getting meowed answers! What’s especially interesting is that the cat doesn’t bring the conversation to a stop after just a few seconds. Cats aren’t the world’s most patient animals and it wouldn’t have been surprising if this tabby had stalked off after just a few meows. Instead, they go at it for over a minute.

According to the girl’s father, the two of them have conversations like this all the time. In particular, it happens like clockwork every morning.

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