Nurse Put These Newborn Twins In The Bath. Keep Your Eyes On The Baby On The Left!

There are a lot of stories about the bond between mothers and their children. Sometime back we heard a story where one of the newborn twins appeared to be stillborn at birth. New mom Kate Ogg held him tightly. Doctors believe that it was she who helped the newborn survive. So, we cannot deny the power of touch.

Similarly, there are a lot of stories about twins and their bonding before birth. The special bond that these twins have can surface in some truly incredible ways once they experience their new world. French nurse Sonia Rochel created this truly heart-warming moment between the tiny babies to show the new parents a unique bathing technique that is reminiscent of the warmth inside the mother’s womb. Rochel goes on to say that this process should not be reproduced without the help of a professional. These twins have each other to share the exciting things that they will face.

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