Officer And His K9 Walk Up A Trail, But Wait Till The Dog Finds A Toy

Everyone has seen video of K-9 police dogs looking so dignified and serious while on duty. These incredible dogs risk their own lives every day to protect and serve the public, just like police officers. It just amazes me what these dogs do every day and that they also understand that they are protecting us. They are that smart. But even if they don’t understand all the consequences and positive results of the job they help these officers do on a daily basis, they still fight for us and work hard every day.

I think the most amazing dogs in the service industry are K9 police dogs, most of which are German Shepherds. German Shepherds have discipline and obedience that most humans don’t have, not to mention extreme loyalty and devotion to their owners and handlers. Their obvious intelligence and physical strength make them the perfect candidates for working in the K9 division of the police. We have seen many stories about these amazing dogs on the Internet, and this one is no exception.

In the next video you will see a different side of these K9 heroes. This clip shows a training program for German Shepherd puppies that will eventually become K9 officers. The training requires patience and discipline; two things the puppies are still learning, and it is adorable to watch. The training can be quite expensive, so everyone takes it quite seriously. Most of the time. You’ll see what I mean in this video when these fluff balls get up to some shenanigans on the job.

Watch this cute K9 video right below!

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