How one bark saved ten lives.. Incredible!

There are real life heroes and this dog, aptly named Hero, definitely features on that list. One night, barks filled the night. Marina knew those barks didn’t sound like Hero’s normal playful and friendly barks She knew something was up. Accompanied by John Miller, a behaviourist that helps with the rescued dogs, they both knew that this was no ordinary moment and followed hero without question.

The dog led them through brush and they came across a surprising package waiting for them by a creek in the woods. Mona, another dog that Hero was friendly with, had given birth to ten sick puppies that were in urgent need of care. In fact, when the rescuers reached the scene, they found only nine puppies and the mother. But by the time they rescued all the canines, they found a tenth puppy near the creek all alone.

It was a miracle that the little one survived. After medical attention and some love and care, all eleven dogs are at a foster home. Hero is also at the same foster home, which means lots of doggy love for everyone around. The little puppies are safe and healthy and are growing pooches that wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for Hero and Mona, who kept the puppies safe and warm in the cold night.

Nobody knew what the evening would have in store for them, but I’m pretty sure that the night’s events have created memories to cherish. Kudos to Hero and the rescue team who work around the clock to give abandoned animals a loving home. SHARE this video to spread the rescue efforts of Dallas DogRRR and write in to tell us what you think of the video in the comments section below.