One-Eye Cat Hits Jackpot While At Shelter. You Won’t Believe How Awesome His Family Is.

Shelters are a tough place for an animal. They are there to try to help them, but many of them are overcrowded. While the one that the star of this video is from is more of an exception due to its unique facilities, it’s still a roll of the dice for many of the cats that live there. Fortunately, a military family was the perfect home for one kitty named Heinrich, who was down on his luck. The dice came up gold for him.

The family, mainly the father, who was a sailor on duty at the time, found a video about Heinrich on the website for the Cat House On The Kings shelter. They found they were drawn to this one-eyed cat, who lost the other eye to an infection. It was something that appealed to them rather than repulsed him. There are four children in the family, and pictures of them show how much they really adore this one-eyed kitty. He’s in heaven with them too.

I have written a couple of times about the Cat House on The Kings shelter that the family got Heinrich from – it’s a place that is literally wall-to-wall cats. If you can’t find a cat for you there, then there is no cat for you in the world. Of course, you have to be in California, or it’s going to be a REALLY expensive trip. They did a really good job with Heinrich’s eye. It’s all fur covering the socket now and the video shows how sweet he really is.

The only thing about this video of Heinrich is that all the cats meowing in the background made me start thinking that one of my two cats was making noise somewhere. If you watch this video with headphones on, be ready to look around your place. I’m glad that Heinrich has a new forever home with a family that will lavish him with love and attention for all of his days. He deserves it.

Have you had luck with rescue animals? My two cats are both shelter animals… and my wife and I could not have made better choices. Tell us about yours in the comments section!

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