One Husky Finds Out That Not All Places Are Amazing When It Comes To Hiding. Aw, Poor Guy.

Doing things, you aren’t used to can bring a certain amount of fear that can cripple you. It’s hard trying new things. Not knowing the system or order of operations some action or some participatory event may have can be off putting. Kind of like Hearing the hokey pokey for the first time but knowing none of the words. Everyone else is singing word for word, and as you look around you find you are the only one not singing. This can be not only frustrating but isolating- heck even alienating. Being excluded from an event that came by surprise has left so many in a state of panic or anxiety, that it’s clearly visible.

Such is the case for Max, a Husky who has a clever tactic when it comes to surprises. Some choose the same route- find a place that’s comfortable and hide. However, it’s usually best if you are going to start hiding that it isn’t the place that they found you. He may just be bad at hiding from his dad, or he could just object. We see the attempts to evade his dad’s requests a number of times. Dad tries to lure him out with treats, tries to encourage him with voice or pets, and after each time, after the progress that they make getting so close to their destination- every time Max runs and hides before he gets into the bathroom.

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