Opie learns what happens to spoiled kids on ‘Andy Griffith’

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ is an American classic that aired from 1960 through 1968. There were 159 episodes in black and white and 90 in color. This episode ‘Opie and the Spoiled Kid’ has been edited down to 5 minutes.

It starts when Arnold rides his bike to Opie’s house and shows Opie his new bike. Opie says he must’ve been saving up his whole life for that bike, and Arnold tells him his parents bought it for him.

Arnold asks Opie to take a ride with him, but Opie tells him he has to clean out the shed to earn his quarter for the week. Arnold says, ‘Kids aren’t supposed to work for their allowance.’ Opie replies, ‘My Pa is awful busy. Maybe he hasn’t heard this new stuff.’ The crowd laughs at the boy’s humor.

Arnold encourages Opie to take action, but he is unsure. Arnold says, ‘You have to roll on the floor and cry to make it seem like you really can’t stop.’ Opie refuses, and Arnold tries to teach him to fake cry.

Arnold drives away on his bike and almost hits Barney Fife, who says, ‘No bikes on the sidewalk.’ Arnold ignores him, but Barney snags the bike. Opie goes to his dad Andy and asks if he can not work but still get an allowance, and Andy says, ‘No work, no allowance.’

Opie yells, ‘That’s not fair,’ and Andy looks at him sternly and says, ‘Don’t raise your voice to me.’ He tells Opie to go home cause he is busy. Then, Opie rolls and cries on the floor, and Andy just looks at him and says, ‘Don’t get your clothes all dirty.’

Arnold’s dad walks into the police station, fuming mad. Andy tells him that his son was warned and continued to disobey the rule. Arnold cries, and his father demands his bike back. However, Andy gets through to Arnold’s father, who takes his son out to the ‘woodshed’ for a spanking. Andy gives Opie a raise of 27 cents a week and asks him what he will buy with all his money. Opie says he will buy a bell and then a bike to go under it!

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