His Owner Put On A Scary Mask For Halloween, But When This Poor Cat Sees Him? Aww!

These owners love their cat, but sometimes they just want to mess with him for fun. This feline is a Sphynx. This breed of cat was developed through selective breeding which started in the 1960s. They are specifically known for their lack of a coat, though they are not fully hairless. Their skin has the texture of chamois since it has very fine hairs.

This particular Sphynx cat is names Smeagol and he’s made at least one appearance on the internet before. His unusual characteristics make him popular and his owners love to spoil him and play with him. Halloween makes his owners a bit mischievous though, as you will see in this next clip.

Smeagol the cat (very aptly named) didn’t know what to expect for Halloween. His owner decided to surprise him by doing something a bit freaky for Smeagol’s standards. He came into the room with a mask which visibly put the poor kitty on high alert. He didn’t know what to think when he saw his owner in a mask, but whatever he thought, it appears it wasn’t good.

How this poor cat reacted next will make you smile though. His amusing reactions are one reason he is so popular on YouTube. The owner probably shouldn’t have freaked him like that, but Smeagol’s reaction is still priceless! It is sure to make you laugh.

Watch the footage below! What are your thoughts about this curious cat’s reaction? Be sure to share them with us in the comments!