After Being Paralyzed And Abused, This Incredible Dog Still Finds The Strength To Wag His Tail For His Rescuers

It can be so hard for abused animals to hold on to hope. When they have finally found love again, they are reluctant to accept it and in some cases may never feel loved again. Some pets, however, will keep on fighting and keep on hoping that one day they will be in the arms of a truly loving human.

When this dog was found in the middle of a field, it was clear to the rescuers that he was severely abused. Upon closer examination, they feared that it was far worse than expected. This poor dog seemed to be not only abused but also paralyzed.

They immediately rushed him to the vet to get him the urgent care that he needed. Suddenly, they saw something incredible that none of them could have possibly expected… SHARE this amazing video with your friends and family on Facebook. This story is just too amazing to keep to yourself. Share it!