Paralyzed Cat And Dog Were Dropped Together On The Streets. Their Devotion To Each Other Is Amazing!

Sometimes animals can be perfect examples of true devotion and unconditional love. Ruth and Idgie, a cat and Dachshund, are inseparable after being abandoned on the street by their owner. Ruth, the cat, is partially paralyzed and Idgie, her dog friend, takes care of her. But the story has a happy ending. They were rescued together and now have a safe place to live together.

Lots of homeless animals in the world are not as fortunate as Ruth and Idgie. The sheer numbers of pets abandoned by owners who no longer want to take responsibility for them is shocking. Many of these animals don’t have the means to take care of themselves and survive on the streets and so many die each year. If Animal Services hadn’t found Ruth and Idgie they may have had the same terrible result. Thankfully, their story has a very different ending.

Ruth the cat and Idgie the Dachshund were abandoned together, but this pair is inseparable. Idgie doesn’t let Ruth’s partial paralysis get in the way of their friendship and he always takes care of his feline friend. They are so fortunate to have each other. Hollywood Hounds adopted the two furry friends and they found a loving forever home where they receive all the love and attention they deserve in a safe and happy place.

Check out this truly endearing clip and pass on the message to your family and friends! Having a good friend sure goes a long way to conquering any hardship!

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