A Parents Vacation Turns Into A Nightmare After Getting A Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos might not seem like something you might have your children avoid when they go on vacation. After all, they’re temporary. It’s like having the tattoo experience but without the tattoo itself sticking there forever. They seem completely harmless and for many children it’s a way of experiencing how their skin would look with the tattoo.

They are normally sold at beaches and can be done at the hotel facilities or even at the beach. For many children having one of these tattoos gives them a chance to express themselves. At a certain age, this freedom is crucial for a child’s development. It is also considered to be one of the safest forms to do it.

One family had a very unfortunate incident with henna tattoos. After seeing this video, you will probably think twice before getting your son or daughter one. This has cost the little girl excruciating pain and a lot of grievance for her parents. It was supposed to be a great vacation. The family had planned everything and they were ready to go.

Madison’s mother suddenly became very ill. Not knowing what was going on, she was rushed to the local hospital. After some tests, they found she had a gallbladder infection. Madison and her brother remained by their mother’s side and behaved very well. Their parents figured they had earned a reward. Their father took them to a salon at the hotel and allowed them to receive a henna tattoo. Madison’s brother, Sebastian did not have any adverse reactions to the tattoo.

It only became very itchy and he could wash it off very soon. Once the family was back in England, Madison’s tattoo started to get extremely itchy. After her parents looked at the site, they found she had developed a very severe rash. After that initial phase, the rash began to blister. This set off a lot of red flags for her parents. They took her to the doctor and did a little bit of research. They found that the steroid cream she was prescribed was not effective.

She was then taken to see burn specialists and rushed to the emergency room. After extensive testing, they found that she was allergic to a chemical in the tattoo called PPD. This ingredient is typically added to tattoos, to make them appear darker. Because of this, she became allergic to a few things as well. Look at the video with caution, some of the images may be disturbing to the younger viewer.