Quite possibly the cutest kitten video you will watch today!

OMG!!! This is a must see video. The kitten featured in this video is just so adorably cute and playful you will be smiling as you watch this little kitten play. She attacks a blue ball like it was going to eat her and falls right over. I am laughing so hard!

Oh conquest to the top of the house she goes! Watch as she tries to take food away from mommy. Oh that is not going to work. Oh no here that blue ball again. It’s going to get her. Well maybe not this time. You will be laughing so hard as you watch this video you will have to watch it again just for fun!

What is it about kittens that make us laugh and smile so much? They are just adorable. I could watch them all day (actually, I do!)

What do you think of these cute adorable kittens, how innocent they are, how funny they are to watch? After watching this video for yourself, leave your comments. We are always looking forward to hear what you think!