For 7 Months Homeless Pup Was Too Scared To Be Rescued. His Transformation? INCREDIBLE!

For seven long, lonely, and painful months, this precious pup was too scared and fearful to let anyone rescue him. He was living in an urban parking lot and slept under the parked cars. Battered and abused, his life was a living nightmare

Then Hope For Paws Rescue shelter came to the rescue. When they found the pup, he was in very bad shape to say the least. He suffered from mange, fleas, ticks, and he had a dangerously high fever.

Slowly, but surely, one of the rescue workers was able to gain the pup’s trust and he was taken to the rescue center for dire help. His transformation both inside and out is INCREDIBLE and amazing! He surely wouldn’t have lasted much longer if it weren’t for Hope For Paws coming to the rescue.

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