Einstein, the Parrot, Knows He is A Superstar

There are people out there who see parrots as only being really gifted as mimics. Some of them are indeed nothing more than recorders with feathers. Other breeds, however, show a really high level of intelligence. They are capable of a lot more than just copying what they hear from mommy or daddy.

This bird in the clip below thinks that he is indeed a “superstar,” and you just won’t believe it. Aptly named Einstein, this is an African Grey parrot at the Knoxville Zoo. He can mimic anything from passing traffic to singing full-on songs. He really captured everyone’s attention with every answer that he gave in this interview. I would go back repeatedly to see this performance and be very happy to pay the price of a ticket.


It’s stunning to see how smart Einstein is. He has a huge vocabulary, and his impressions are spot on. He has quite a large repertoire too. Then again, African Gray Parrots are the smartest birds in the world.

There is a real personality going on here too. When you check out this video, you are bound to be floored at how clever Einstein is.

Einstein, the Parrot, Knows He is A Superstar