This Parrot Has The Funniest Reaction Possible To Getting His Tummy Rubbed

Animals tend to communicate with humans in quite intriguing and bizarre ways. Since they can’t speak in words, they have to get creative in order to get their messages across, sometimes conveying those messages through actions or sounds. While this isn’t always easy for us to understand, it often ends up resulting in something incredibly cute! Our pets can even develop certain habits or mannerisms that become some of the most delightful and cherished things about them, and we embrace these adorable communications as they come to us. After all, who doesn’t love knowing that their pet loves to talk to them?

Communication by sound can be especially prominent when it comes to birds, who often mimic us, sing, or squawk to get our attention. It’s not just something that happens in movies! Birds are extremely vocal. They’re quite the pros at copying our own noises or providing us with meaningful songs! Parrots are one type of bird who especially love to take their vocalization to the next level, recreating sounds of all kinds in order to say what they need to say. They’re known for how talkative they can be!

Kanji is a three-year-old African gray parrot who makes a totally surprising, yet recognizable sound when he’s given some love and affection each day. Like a dog, Kanji enjoys getting his tummy rubbed! When his dad squeezes his sides, the bird makes a laughably familiar noise in response!

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen for yourself as Kanji gets his stomach tickled and lets out the most adorable sound imaginable. This little bird and his dad have the cutest routine ever, and lucky for us it was caught on tape! Share this video if you agree that this is the cutest sound you’ve ever heard, and leave your comments down below!