Parrot gets a stuffed bunny for his birthday. Now listen to what he has to say, lol!

With the possible exception of a giant case of nuts and seeds, what better birthday present could you give a parrot but… A stuffed bunny rabbit! This Indian ringneck parrot named Marnie already had a large collection of stuffed bunnies, but he was extremely happy to be able to add a new one.

Parrots are not only beautiful and colorful birds, but they’re remarkably intelligent and talkative. Not only can they mimic sounds from their natural environment, other animals, and radios or television sets, but they have an absolutely uncanny ability to reproduce human speech. Just by listening to the people around it, a parrot can build up a surprisingly large vocabulary. Combine all that with their zany personalities, and you’ve got the makings of a pretty incredible companion. Parrots love their humans and can be very affectionate but they have a mischievous streak and can get up to some incredibly funny antics.

Marnie, the recipient of that stuffed bunny rabbit, is fun, affectionate and has an adorable little high-pitched voice. Not only has he learned to mimic numerous human words, but he seems to be able to use them appropriately — like we said, parrots are very intelligent. Marnie gets so worked up about his new bunny that he talks and talks and talks. He shamelessly flatters the bunny with, “Hello… Pretty!” and then asks, “Whatcha doin’?” His human mom suggests the bunny might like a kiss. Marnie runs with this idea and gives his new bunny a smooch and a “Thank you!”

We’ve posted a really cute video of Marnie meeting the newest member of his bunny collection. His crazy little voice would be perfect for a children’s television show!

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