Parrot Starts Singing A Song. But You’ll Be In Hysterics When You See THIS! ROFL!

Parrots are one of the coolest pets you could ever get. Not only are these birds beautiful to look at, but they are also very smart. They are great company and can even entertain their owners by talking, singing, and even dancing. There is never a dull moment when they are around. Parrots are widely known for their ability to mimic their owners and other people, or even things they see on television.

People sometimes adopt them for their conversation skills, but when they grow tired of their “talking parrot”, they tend to neglect the poor bird. Adopting a bird is a big commitment as they require love and interaction, and stimulation, just like other pets, but they can live more than 100 years. A bird can be a lifetime commitment.

The adorable yellow nape amazon in the video below is named Princess Yellow Feather. She was one of those birds that was “returned” but later found a loving home. This video was taken when her owner took her to visit a bird shop called Birds On Safari in Stuart, FL. In this clip, we can see the little girl very adorably sing a song called, “Everything is Awesome”, from the Lego movie.

She visits the birds there and keeps everyone company, and in the meantime, she is not alone and can enjoy their companionship as well. She’s quite a singer, isn’t she?

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