Parrot Starts Singing A Version Of A Song. I Was Flabbergasted At How Good She Was.

It’s fun watching parrot videos. There are a ton of them out there, but they can seem repetitive. That’s because they are just repeating things they hear. If you’ve heard a certain song, then you know what’s coming next because that’s what the bird is going to say. Sure, they can be all cute with their feathers and everything, but it can get old. Not so with this video that stars a parrot called Lollypop.

Instead of “Bad Boys,” she’s singing “Bad Parrot.” It’s so fun to watch Lollypop bop along to her own tune. This is no ordinary parrot – she’s got sass and style. She makes up her own lyrics and it’s clear that her mommy adores listening to her. She doesn’t just – pardon the expression – parrot something back. She puts her own stamp on what she’s singing. A lot of so-called creative artists could stand to learn a lesson from this.

Lollypop is really into what she’s doing too. The way she moves around on her perch makes it clear that it’s more than just rote repetition for her. Maybe she should appear on some talent shows. That might get her even more fame than having a viral video on the Internet. She could write other parodies. OK, maybe I’m getting too far ahead of myself here. Still, I enjoyed watching this.

What would be next? It’s entirely possible that this could be it for her. There’s a saying: Everyone has one book in them. She might have just one video in her. Still, not everyone has a video that can garner millions of views. That still puts her in a higher echelon than every other bird out there. If she wants a co-writer though, she could always look me up. I won’t ask for much in royalties… and she can have all the crackers she wants to eat.

Will Smith needs to do a rap duet with this fella. What do you think? Leave us a comment below!

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