Part coyote hound adopts ten chicks! Watch what the dog does with baby chicks!

When it comes to loving unconditionally, dogs are the best. They’ve proved time and again that they’re not only man’s best friend, but everyone’s best friend as well. Watch this adorable video to see what Bailey does when ten chicks wander into the yard searching for their missing mom.

Part Coyote and part Golden Retriever, Bailey was lolling around in the back yard when she noticed the young chicks. Instead of biting their heads off or scaring them away, this lovable and kind hearted dog started cuddling them. Sadly, the mother was nowhere in sight. The man searched for any signs of her presence but couldn’t see the mom anywhere.

You can hear him say in the video that the chicks turned up in their backyard that morning without a mom and Bailey adopted those lost fellas. What really makes this video special is that Bailey rolls over and welcomes the lost ones with open paws. Her reaction is so adorable! Watch her wag her tail happily at the little ones.

Her heart of gold prompts her to make small movements to encourage the little chicks to move closer towards her after which she nestles them into a small loving circle with her nose. This will really melt your heart!

The secret to the chicks’ mom’s disappearance came to light later when they saw an actually coyote prowling around their backyard with bailey barking her head off. Just managing to save another mom and her chicks, the mystery of the disappearing mom was finally put to rest and the lost chicks got their own forever homes with loving families who would take care of them.