Pay Attention to The Hands and Feet of These Nine Navy Women as They Stand on Stage

The brave folks in the military deserve our utmost respect. These men and women risk their lives for our country, sacrificing themselves in order to protect the nation’s people. They go to great lengths to do this. They often give up the comfort of their homes and fly overseas, miles away from their loved ones, for incredibly selfless reasons.

Below is an amazing and touching performance by the United States Navy Band that’s sure to strike something in you. It will be one of the most incredible things you’ve seen all week, no doubt.

There are few things as unique and magical as the United States Navy Band. When the nation is going through a dark period of time and is in need of some unity and togetherness, the military is able to step up and bring us closer together through their amazing music. They’re like a ray of light that comes in at just the right moment to give us a glimpse of home.

Although the auditions to make it into the band are quite difficult and demand much of the musicians that are trying out, the best musicians do make it through and go on to create some incredible art with the other band members.

Below, you can watch one of this group’s wonderful performances. All of the singers from the Sea Chanters Chorus, the choral component to the United States Navy Band, are beautifully talented.

They perform at many important and meaningful military and political events. Sometimes, they even perform for the public. In this clip, they sing “Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie,” a traditional American folk song that you might recognize.

You’re going to be stunned when you see their performance. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

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Pay Attention to The Hands and Feet of These Nine Navy Women as They Stand on Stage