Pentatonix Walks Across The Lonely Desert. When I Found Out Why I Totally Lost It, Aww!

Pentatonix is a chart-topping and award-winning music group. What’s so amazing about it is that they are an a cappella group! There are many award-winning a cappella groups – they only win awards in the a cappella category, but I honestly had no idea that one could have a number 1 hit singing a cappella!

Trivia: The name Pentatonix was derived from a combination of Pentax and Panasonic.

There are five members in this popular music group and they’re from Arlington, Texas. As we all know, Texas is a border state that’s connected to Mexico by way of the Rio Grande Valley and the Chihuahuan Desert.

The Chihuahuan Desert is in fact the inspiration for this music video. You see, everyday countless people dreaming of a better future risked their lives walking across the desert to reach the United States, which, in people’s opinion, despite all its shortcomings, is the greatest country on Earth.

To honor these brave souls, Pentatonix decided to insert the plot line of walking across the desert in this music video of theirs. The response has been tremendous, with close to 60 million views thus far!

This gripping and at times heart-wrenching story music video is accompanied by some great melodies and crooning from all five members of the band. The fact that the song is called “Hallelujah” makes the video even more poignant. Not only is the video truly inspiring, it is downright enjoyable.

We certainly hope that you find the message as touching as we did. Please let us know what you think in the comments section below. Your inputs are much appreciated.

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