‘Phantom Of The Opera’ Special Is So Good It’ll Give You Goosebumps

'All I Ask Of You' By Kelly Clarkson & Josh GrobanThe CBS holiday special ‘A Home For The Holidays’ rewards us with many time-treasured performances. However, few can compare to the vocal perfection delivered by Josh Groban & Kelly Clarkson as they sang ‘All I Ask Of You’ from Phantom Of The Opera.

Kelly’s mezzo-soprano classical training has given her the ideal range to meet the pinnacles required by this song. Together, Josh and Kelly elevate opera to an all-new high, rewarding both theatre fans and anyone who appreciates good music alike.

With beautiful piano backing and the rich sound of a full ensemble orchestra, the versatile voice of Kelly and the deep tones of Josh Groban came together in a heaven-sent harmony. If there is one song that proves just how broad Kelly Clarkson’s vocal range spans, it is this duet & masterpiece.

Here we have two stars whose voices sound so smooth together that one could be fooled into thinking that they’ve been doing it for an eternity. The awe-inspiring collaboration is actually the first time that they’ve sung together, smashing all expectations with their shared power and perfection of delivery.

This timeless performance is the coming together of two of the greatest voices our age has ever known – Kelly Clarkson & Josh Groban. Their rendition of the iconic song ‘All I Ask Of You’ from Phantom Of The Opera will forever linger in your heart & memory thanks to the otherworldly sound of these sensational singers.

\'Phantom Of The Opera\' Special Is So Good It\'ll Give You Goosebumps