Phone Chargers Have A Hidden Danger Most Of Us Ignore. This Is Something That Could Save Your Life

No one really knew of the danger of cell phone chargers until Galaxy phones everywhere started catching on fire due to overheating. New Hampshire Fire Department would like each Apple, Galaxy and Samsung user alike to know something. Whatever the brand, phone-cord charger fires can happen to any user. It does not have anything to do with your phone being “premium” or not.

The Newton, New Hampshire Fire Department, after receiving several calls for emergencies decided to post a statement on their Facebook page. This has unveiled the hidden truths behind the dangers that phone chargers pose. The fire department hopes to raise awareness about the dangers of charging mobile devices in bed. This applies for cellphones, tablets and laptops. The following statement was posted:

“Research has revealed that 53% of children/teens charge their phone or tablet either on their bed or under their pillow. This can be extremely dangerous. The heat generated cannot dissipate and the charger will become hotter and hotter. The likely result is that the pillow/bed will catch fire. This places the child/teen as well as everyone else in the home in great danger.”

This should be enough to scare more than one user. I have done this myself without knowing of the dangers that this habit could bring. Be warned that these occurrences are not at all rare. They happen more often that you and I would like to. In fact, they have been increasing in the past few years because of the spike in cell-phone users around the world.

Teens are now living in an era where they are glued to their phones all day long. The first thing you probably do in the morning is check your updates on Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, and Instagram, right? That’s what I also do. And this is probably what you and I do at night as well. I spend most hours of the day checking my updates, browsing the web, reading stories from Facebook posts, and pretty much anything from world news to celebrity gossip.

For some reason, I finish the day by doing the exact same thing. If you’re also doing this, I urge you to consider the risks for your own sake. Before charging your phone, you can place it on “Airplane Mode,” this will stop all notifications and take away that urge to keep checking your phone. Place your phone in a different place where you sleep, this way if it catches fire you will be out of harm’s way. For more tips on how to protect yourself from these hazards, check out the video.