Photographer Gathers Chihuahua Puppies For Shoot. I Fell In Love With His Theme.

If there’s anything I love more than photo shoots involving tiny puppies or kittens, then I’m not aware of it. There’s just something so innocent and adorable about these shots. They also make me want to adopt every single one of them, which I know is not happening. We have two cats and that is more than enough. Still… I melt when I see things like this video that has a movie theater theme.

There are the most adorable Chihuahua puppies in these bowls that look like popcorn bags. While this shoot is going on, there are also a lot of dogs on the floor. It’s a smorgasbord of cute! They are all so tiny and sometimes there are up to three of them in the bags. I was mesmerized the whole time. Yes I really wanted to reach into the screen and grab these dogs for myself. Fortunately, I didn’t… because how would I type this otherwise?

Big band music plays while the dogs climb out of their popcorn “bags”. They are more like popcorn bowls, but they look like popcorn bags. Can you imagine going to the theater and seeing these all lined up at the concession stand. “Uh. Yeah. I’m just going to stay here and pet all the dogs.” “But we paid $12 apiece to see this movie.” “DOGS!” “OK, you win.” Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do that either.

I wonder what made the people come up with the idea of the popcorn bags for these puppies? It’s not like they were all white and would look like popcorn. Maybe Maltese or Bijon Frise puppies could do that… Still, it was a very cute idea and I’m sure all the photos came out just perfect. I’m also hungry for some popcorn… maybe I’ll head out to the movie theater and have something to eat. No hot dogs, though.

What an adorable video. Didn’t you think so? Do you have any Chihuahua puppies? Tell us all about them in the comments section below!

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