Polar Bear Tries To Break Into Cameraman’s Saftey Cage In Terrifying Video

Massive Polar Bear Tries To Get Into Journalist’s EnclosureGordon Buchanan, BBC Journalist, ran for his plexiglass enclosure the minute the polar bear spotted him. But she wasn’t going to give up her tasty meal without a fight.

The polar bear is one of the few animals that thinks of humans as food, and this one is certainly hungry. Rather than go for the slippery seal dinner, she decides to try her paw and cracking open a fresh can of journalist.

Shaking the enclosure, she sniffs around the gaps, searching for a way in. It’s a harrowing experience for the journalist to be sure, but we are sort of rooting for the bear. It’s her homeland he’s in after all. It’s just polite to bring a hostess gift when you visit, right?

Polar Bear Tries To Break Into Cameraman\'s Saftey Cage In Terrifying Video