Polite Pit Bull Patiently Runs To Ice Cream Truck And Waits In Line To Buy A Summer Treat

There are few things in childhood more appealing than the siren sound of an ice cream truck on a hot summer day. Just the first few, tinkly notes can cause a mass neighborhood exodus, resulting in a line of kids snaking away from the magical ice cream truck.

It’s not just kids who come running when that familiar tune is heard. The pit bull in the video below must have a sweet tooth, because whenever she hears the ice cream truck, she’s one of the first in line to get a treat.

This pit bull got very excited when she heard the truck, and ran outside. Soon, her mom joins her with some money, and she took her place in line, just like a polite little kid. When it was her turn, she sat right up next to the window.

Mom handed over the money, and this pit bull knew what was coming next. She started wiggling, and as soon as mom handed over her treat, she’d devoured the whole thing in seconds–then starts looking around for more!

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