This Poor Baby Goat Was Drowning. But When This Pig Noticed Him? You Won’t Believe It!

We have seen a lot of videos of animals being rescued by humans. But it is truly something special to watch an animal being helped out by its fellow animal friend. If you haven’t seen anything like this, the following video is for you! A tiny baby goat gets in the water for a swim, but soon enough, the poor animal gets in trouble as his foot gets stuck underwater. Wait till you see what happens then!

After shouting out for help, a brave little pig dives into the water to save his friend. Then they both come out to safety. It is really heartwarming to watch, but it has been clarified at that this video is actually fake. This was staged by a TV show called “Nathan For You” in order to bring people to Oak Glen Petting Zoo. When it became viral, the show had to admit that it was in fact their doing.

Even though this was staged, watching this little pig swim is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. His little head bobs up and a down and I can just imagine how fast his little legs are moving. It’s endearing to see him rush out to save his goat friend, who was never really in trouble, by the way.

I really didn’t know pigs could swim before I watched this. And while I’ve certainly seen pigs and goats befriend each other, these two don’t seem particularly attached to one another when they come out of the water. It was kind of funny to see.

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