This Poor Pup Was Just About To Be Euthanized. Thank Goodness For THEM!

Some animal rescue stories are too touching and beautiful not to share, and it’s because it takes a lot of courage and kindness to make the difference and help animals who need all the help in the world to live another day. The doggy in the video below is one who escaped the jaws of death by a very small margin, and his story will leave you touched!

The doctors from Vet Ranch were able to rescue this pup with very little time left, since he was scheduled to be euthanized just an hour after his rescue! It was very lucky that they were able to reach him in time. I always love watching adorable stories like this one! Dr. Matt, the man who saved Gregor, the star puppy of this video, said that he had been bitten by another dog, and that’s when he knew that there was no time left.

Poor Gregor was in really bad shape when they got him, as you will see at the start of the video, but by the end, you will see how a little act of kindness can go a really long way. His story left me in tears!

Watch this amazing dog rescue in the clip we put right below.

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