This Poor Pup Is Terrified Of Stairs. I Was Rolling On The Floor Laughing At How He Went Down!

The world can be a scary place when you are a tiny little baby. You have to do many things for the first time in your life and that can be a really terrifying experience. Just ask this precious little Labrador here. Many puppies have a horrible relationship with stairs. They are timid when it comes to going down them. There is just something about going downhill head first that intimidates them. But this clumsy little guy conquers his fear in quite a fashion!

He wants to go down the steps to his human friend, but he hasn’t quite mastered the art of stair-walking. So this tiny pup comes up with an ingenious plan! You are going to be all smiles when you see how he overcomes the obstacle in his path! It is really funny, but it is ridiculously cute as well!

He’s just a puppy, so you really can’t blame him for being afraid of stairs. But it also seems a bit like he’s just being lazy. Mom is filming him and his little human is playing at the bottom of the stairs, and he seems to want to play with her, but he also seems a little bit lazy. First his puts his front paws on the ramp, and then he just kind of lays down.

And then it gets really funny. He slides all the way down the ramp until he’s safely on the ground with his little human, who is definitely laughing at him. He doesn’t seem bothered though. He’s pretty proud that he figured that out.

Watch the little guy in the video below and let us know your thoughts about this through your comments!

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