Precious kid’s dance will leave you in hysterics. Turn up the volume for maximum cuteness!

Holidays can be an amazing outlet to release feelings and thoughts that can play an integral part of someone’s identity. Whether you are Spanish and celebrating Día De Los Muertos or Irish celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. While there is obviously a bit of a difference between the significance of the two, it seems that one tiny baby simply has to show that he has the Irish fever. I know that the river dance is the dance associated with the Irish, but man is this a completely different level.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, one mom decided to do something rather peculiar. Capturing the moment that she shares with her young baby, she looks on in awe and amazement. As many celebrate the holiday, usually in a drunken stupor, in Ireland the day is revered. People don’t get unbelievably drunk, but they honestly celebrate the day earnestly. They do dance I’m assuming, as most of us have been known to do when it comes to holidays. However, the most amazing feet I’ve seen so far belong to this tiny baby boy.

If you turn up the volume and watch his face closely, I guarantee you will get a smile on your face. Kids have that infection ability to pass on smiles wherever they go. When you see this jig happy young babe dances and kicks the night away. I’m sure you’ll be over the moon with enjoyment when you hear and look at how precious this little tyke is.

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