Pro Dancer Grandpa Shock Everyone With Michael Jackson’s Dance Moves! He’s Spot ON!

In the world of entertainment and pop music, very few people can be compared to the success and talent of the legend Michael Jackson. He moved the whole world with his infectious and original music, and he had some electrifying dance moves that anyone can easily recognize even today.  And even though the King of Pop is in a better place now, his legacy is still alive in many people to this day. Just look at the video below, and you’ll see the kind of magical moments that this artist made possible!

Even though his art is unmatchable, there are very talented singers and dancers who have replicated his creations. But it’s very rare to see someone who pulls off his moves and also is hilarious while doing it! The man in the following video took MJ’s moves and used them as part of a prank that he recorded for our enjoyment. He’s a professional dancer himself, so the moves are on point, but the way he uses them is the best part of it all. You won’t believe it when you see it!

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