‘Proud of the House We Built’ sung by amazing Brooks & Dunn

The duo that brought the country line dance back to life recorded a surprisingly uplifting country song that will inspire anyone who knows the value of hard work.

Brooks & Dunn took a unique turn in their music writing and moved away from trials, wants, and needs that are so important for a compelling story in the song’s lyrics.

Instead, they turned towards satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. The two feelings don’t come easy due to people’s nature and modern-day living, yet they capture it perfectly.

Their uplifting and rightfully so inspiring song ‘Proud of the House We Built’ speaks about reflection on one’s life and family. It surprisingly concludes that in the end, you wouldn’t change anything.

Brooks & Dunn gave an outstanding performance of it in the Clear Channel Stripped Concert Series. It felt positive and genuine in its message through Ronnie’s voice.

“Lookin’ back, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” sings Ronnie Dunn and continues: “I’m proud of the house we built.”

In this world of over-emphasized bad things and constant encouragement of fulfillment of one’s wants rather than needs, it is refreshing hearing a song in which a person is simply satisfied with what is and how it was.

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‘Proud of the House We Built’ sung by amazing Brooks & Dunn