Pug Batman Is The Superhero You Need To See! LOL!

There’s no question that pugs are the Internet’s favorite meme puppy — but I guarantee that you’ve never seen a pug like this one before.

Meet Frankie the Pug. Though Frankie is still something of an up-and-comer in terms of Internet doggy fame, he’s quickly making a name for himself. We first reported on this curious chunky puppy after he discovered Easter chicks for the first time — and that was enough to win us over.

But he makes his return in an adorable superhero-themed ensemble, complete with his own rendition of a familiar theme song. He’s Pug Batman, and he’s here to leave you giggling at his goofy antics, using his superpowers to leave you smiling ear-to-ear (as superhero dogs are wont to do). Using his super strength for tug-of-war and tumble rolls, this pug is impossible not to crack a smile at (and that’s coming from us, pug enthusiasts through and through).

By far the sweetest part of this clip is Frankie’s happy panting when he gets a superhero-worthy belly rub from his human sidekick. For any of you dog owners out there, you’re certainly aware of the irresistible cuteness of a dog’s enthusiasm for a little TLC — Pug Batman is a perfect example.

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