Pup Realizes Something After Putting In Lots Of Effort, His Expression Shows It All!

The weather looks great and with summer coming up, this looks like a great place to be in. Don your swimming suits and join Cody as he happily swims in the pool. Being a golden retriever means they’re water babies and know how to swim really well.

He probably thought this was a great way to cool off and while in the pool Cody decided to mimic his humans and swim across, pretending to stand…. Until he realised he could actually touch the bottom of the pool with his hind legs! I love his expression when he does it! He probably thought there was no point in swimming when he knew he could just walk across the pool!

Save that energy for later, Cody! I know swimming can really work out those muscles and burn those calories, but if you’re anything like Cody, you can cancel those swimming lessons and have a relaxing time just walking across the pool, but looking like you’re actually swimming. How’s that for an idea?

Has your pet swam/ walked across your pool? Have they ever got an unusual expression when they realise what they can do? Have you burst out laughing over something they’ve done? Share your stories with us in the section below!

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