Her puppets argued with each other, then teamed up to stun everyone

On Season 12 of America’s Got Talent, the judges, audience and home viewers took their seats to watch the final performances. For someone as young as Darci Lynne, the occasion might have been too much. However, when you have the incredible talent this 12-year-old ventriloquist possesses, nerves are hardly a factor. In fact, it was just one of her two sidekicks who felt the pressure! But once Darci got started, everyone in the room was astounded.

With her puppets either side, Darci got the crowd giggling quick. Oscar the Mouse thought this was the dress rehearsal, fainting with shock when he learnt the truth. Petunia the Pig on the other hand was brimming with confidence, believing she was the reason they had made it to the final. These bold claims lead to a bit of bickering between the pals before Darci stepped in to get the show on the road.

Announcing that they would sing “With a Little Help from My Friends”, Darci received surprised looks from the judging panel. Simon Cowell and company knew just how big a song that was for any singer. Imagine how tricky it would be for a young girl who can’t be seen to open her mouth throughout the rendition! The crowd went silent as the band started up.

Moments later, they were blown away. Darci put in the performance of the season, interchanging the voices of her two puppets with incredible singing ability on top of the already mind-boggling ventriloquism skills. As the song ended, the judges rose to their feet in an instant with the rapturous audience cheering behind. Nobody could quite believe what they had witnessed.

Mel B was in awe once again. The former Spice Girl had sent the amazing youngster to the final with the Golden Buzzer in the auditions and the act had lost none of its magic the next time round. Puzzled as to how Darci pulled it off, Mel had been keeping a close eye on watch for Darci’s mouth moving throughout but was left flabbergasted at yet another spectacular showing.

Heidi voiced her belief that Darci Lynne had that “special something” the judges want to see while Howie and Simon agreed they think she will definitely win the contest.

With a cool $1 million grand prize and the opportunity to perform at a Las Vegas casino up for grabs, Darci and her pals will hope the judges are right. Check out Darci Lynne’s latest performance in the video below and see if you think she has what it takes!