The Puppies Saw The Ducklings Drinking From Their Water, But They Way They React? AWW!

One of the most fun aspects about dogs is seeing how every breed has their own distinct characteristics and typical personalities. Some of them are furry, others have short hair, some of them are very good guardians who are always aware of their surroundings, and some other are just cute silly fluffballs. In whatever shape and size they come, they’re always adorable best friends!

You might have seen their German cousins many times before; Australian Shepherd dogs are some of the most obedient and disciplined dogs around. They’re smaller, but they have a very strong nature towards herding, and this makes them to always tend to befriend animals of all species, not just other dogs or humans. This can make for some adorable moments!

In the video below, however, the puppies that you’ll see are a bit too young to herd yet. But they definitely have the instinct already! You can see a group of ducklings approaching and meeting a bunch of Aussie shepherd pups, and it’s a real sight to be seen. They look too adorable as they share a bowl of water together, and it will really bring joy to your heart.

Watch this adorable moment in the video featured right below.

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