This Puppy Was Abandoned At Birth And Left For Dead. But A Cat Did THIS And Saved His Life!

Lots of animals get abandoned daily and this is such a sad reality of life. Around four million dogs are left for dead every year in the USA alone. This story is about a pit bull puppy and his mother. This little pup named Norland was abandoned at birth and his hope for survival was quickly fading away. We don’t know what happened to Norland’s mother.

The staff at the Cleveland Animal Protective League needed to find an adoptive mother for Norland soon or he wouldn’t make it. The poor guy was only a day old. Thankfully they did find a mother for him, but she is not someone you might be expecting. This unlikely mom gave the little puppy a second chance at life!

This unlikely foster mom is Lurlene, a momma cat who had four kittens just two days earlier. When they held Norland up to her, she sniffed him and started licking him and took him in as one of her own. The four kittens and Norland don’t even have their eyes open yet, but they sleep and cuddle together, and of course, they eat together.

Norland is bigger than the kitties and needs more food, so a human foster mom comes to bottle feed him every day. Between the foster mom and the staff, Norland gets a bottle about seven times a day, but he learns love and social skills from Lurlene, the beautiful cat who is never leaves his side when he’s bottle fed. He’s her baby and she keeps a lookout for him.

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