This Puppy Doesn’t Want To Go To Sleep, And His Quarrel With Mom Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor

Dogs are definitely one of the most amazing creatures that we’ve ever been lucky enough to meet as humankind. They’re the perfect companions for us, since they’re playful, fun, and extremely loyal. They are capable of doing anything for their human friends and actually will do most anything for a loving and devoted owner. Dogs act just like small children sometimes, though, and some never really seem to grow up very much. They can be hilarious and adorable like them, sure, but they also can be quite fussy.

In this next clip, you will see a dog that hasn’t really grown up yet and his reaction is, well, very similar to a toddler’s reaction when they are told they can’t have something. When it comes to bedtime, it gets really difficult with kids of a certain age, and apparently dogs of a certain age are no different. Some of them just don’t understand when playtime’s over, and will throw temper tantrums whenever their parents try to put them to sleep. The doggy in the video below puts them all to shame though. He can throw an award-winning temper tantrum that you could never imagine from a dog!

This French Bulldog has recently gone viral on the internet thanks to his adorable whimpers and cries. He just doesn’t want to go to bed just yet! I don’t know about you, but I could never refuse to a cute little face like that one! What do you think?

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