Puppy Is Afraid Of Going Down The Stairs, See WHO Inspires Her To Come Down! Aww! ADORABLE!

This little puppy is named Daisy and she obviously doesn’t like climbing downstairs. Who can really blame her? It seems as if going downstairs is harder than going up them…

Fortunately for Daisy she isn’t having to face this challenge alone, her older brother Simon is right there to help her. Simon is now a full-grown dog but he is obviously quite protective of his younger sibling as seen here. He runs up the stairs and down again as if saying, “See this is how it’s done.” Then he stands there again as if cheering her on to do it!

Daisy then tries to go down one stop but then goes back up the stair again, still unable to make the trip down. Simon doesn’t give up though and keeps going up the stairs to try to coax Daisy down. “It’s okay, I’ve got you” he seems to say. So, does Daisy actually make it down the stairs to join her big brother? Watch the video to find out!

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