“When This Little Puppy See’s His Own Reflection I Wasn’t Expecting To See Him React Like THIS! LOL!”

When a puppy encounters a mirror for the first time their reaction can be quite priceless. The adorable puppy featured here is certainly no exception. When he sees his reflection in the mirror for the first time it’s all too obvious he is none too happy by it! He’s a toughie! LOL

Yes, this little guy doesn’t like his own reflection. But this is no doubt mainly because he doesn’t understand that the little dog he is looking at is actually himself. He obviously thinks it’s another little dog who is invading his territory.

So, what does this puppy do? Well, he decides to defend his territory by taking the other dog on in a fight. Yes, the little dog starts a fight with his own reflection. Its actually quite funny to watch this little guy let it be known that this is his house and no other cute little puppy is going to move in on him.

So, watch this cute little puppy react to his own reflection in a less than favorable way then let us know what you thought of the video by commenting below.