He Put Christmas Lights Around His House, But Pay Attention To The American Flag On The Roof!

Christmas is almost here and everyone is busy with decorations and lights. The following video features one of the best Christmas displays I have ever seen in my life. Being an American, it is not only amazing to look at, but it also manages to fill your heart with lots of pride for the country. If I had such skills, I would put my lights up in a similar way this year!

This display was from the year 2011. It was put up during Christmas in honor of our troops and veterans. Since 1775, over 1.3 million American troops have made the ultimate sacrifice for the country, and this homeowner put up this display to thank all of them for their service and sacrifice. The patriotic songs in the background are also incredible to listen to!

I can’t imagine what this homeowner’s electric bill must be like during the holiday season, but he says it isn’t actually that much. This incredible display of lights took days to assemble, and then to set it to practically dance to the music must have been time consuming as well. This homeowner’s efforts sure did pay off. It is an amazing display and makes everyone who sees it thankful for our service men and women.

This display will surely put you in a holiday mood, and a thoughtful one at that. Just watch the lights and listen to the music to the end. You will enjoy the show, even if you’re not seeing live.

Watch this beautiful display of lights in the video below! I would love to be their neighbor, wouldn’t you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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