He Put The Sleepy Pugs Into Bed, But Keep A Close Eye On The Puppy On The Far Left

There is hardly any difference between human babies and animal babies. They both need a lot of care and attention, both are super cute, and both are entertaining, even while they sleep. Like human babies, puppies also need a lot of sleep. This video features a lovely moment where a pack of tiny little pug puppies are sleeping alongside each other in a row. I just have to wonder how the owner got all of them to sleep at the same time. Maybe it was a chain reaction. It is really very adorable.

There are six of them and they are all merrily sleeping on their back without a care in the world, all relaxed and in dreamland making cute little puppy noises while they snooze. It is really cute when they twitch, but don’t even move a muscle after that. Another way babies and puppies are alike is that they can sleep through anything, like these little guys who have no idea that they are being filmed.  I lost it when the tiny guy at the far left stuck his tongue out near the end! Don’t you just want to cuddle up next to them?

This will no doubt make you smile. Watch it and don’t forget to share your thoughts about it in the comments! We’d love to hear from you! If you think these pug puppies are as cute as I do, please be sure to share them on Facebook so your friends and family can enjoy them too.

Be sure to share this video with your friends and family on Facebook because it will make them smile… and you’ll smile, too 🙂