‘Queen’ makes 1980 music video history with “Play the Game”

Iconic British rock band Queen might be known for their international mega-hits. But, the Freddie Mercury-led group of misfits also had a keen ear for hidden gems. One of those being the band’s epic, “Play the Game.”

Taken from the band’s 1980s album, The Game. “Play the Game” saw the legendary performing artists return to form, showcasing their larger-than-life personalities with their unique take on the rock opera format.

“Play the Game” takes the usual Queen formula and tosses it through the wringer as the 1980’s earworm reigned in the group’s use and acceptance of electronic instruments, shaking up their typical no synth style of instrumentation.

Featuring a powerhouse intro that utilizes a sci-fi-sounding space synth mix, the track quickly segues into Freddie Mercury’s iconic range of melodies and high notes, wasting zero time grasping the imagination of listeners and journeying thoughts through the world created by Queen.

Not lost within their new inclusion of synths, Queen’s instrumentation standard is front and center. The track features the group’s usual affair of hard-hitting drum beats, soothing bass lines, and an epic guitar solo that only Queen knows how to package.

“Play the Game” features a narrator of sorts created by Freddie Mercury that takes listeners on a journey back as the song’s narrator revisits a past relationship and its memories as they circle the band’s soaring musical expertise.

Having a legacy all its own, Queen’s “Play the Game” would continue to live on within the band’s Greatest Hits album, a cover from indie-rock band Beach House and its inclusion within the video game Rock Band 3.

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