Randy Travis sings ‘No Place Like Home’ surrounded by nature’s majesty

Randy Travis stands surrounded by the great wide open as he sings ‘No Place Like Home.’ The sky is clear, and there are rolling hills with the sun setting on the horizon.

Randy Travis

He sings about joyful and bittersweet memories of his past. These stories quickly pass him by as he reminisces. There was his favorite chair and a broken picture frame hanging on the wall.

A calm wind blows through his hair, and he remembers a warm fireplace crackling with life. The morning light peeked through his bedroom windows, and the curtains were swaying as if to say good morning.

Randy Travis

Randy is sleeping and recalling the smell of perfume. There is dim candlelight that illuminates his home. It is a lot to miss, and he walks through the fields while he sings.

The air is filled with his incredible voice. So many emotions are going through Randy as he thinks about home. A smiling and laughing woman appears in his memory.

She is walking through a field of grass, and the green blades are nearly as high as her hip. As she passes through, she plays with the grass, pressing them in between her fingertips.

Randy sings the final words of the song as the woman walks away from him. The hills are covered in shadow as the sun disappears behind them.

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