Rare revealing photos from the 1800s

What was life like in the 1800s? It’s an exciting topic to think about. We may not know fully what it was like, but photos can give us a clue.

In this retrospective video, 35 rare photos from the 1800s are revealed. Each one helps you better understand what the world was like two centuries ago.

There are some photos of great historical importance. There’s a picture of John Quincy Adams from 1843. Seeing the man in a photograph makes him seem all the more present in American history.

Another historical figure in one of the photos is President Martin Van Buren from 1855. It’s a remarkable photo for how much detail you can see in his hair and clothes. The picture also gives us an idea of 1800s fashion.

Other photos are relatively simple exterior shots of cities and towns. A photo of 1850 Pennsylvania reveals an old printing workshop. The architecture alone is unique.

Another photograph from 1859 California showcase a horse and carriage. The carriage is just outside of a Wells Fargo building. It’s fascinating to see how the Wells Fargo iconography took shape.

Some photos depict specific locations of the era. Pictures of gunnery camps and plantations give you a clearer idea of how society functioned.

An interior shot from the University of Kentucky in 1865 is fascinating. You can see students hard at work on their desks. There’s something so relatable about how seeing how education was reflected in that era.

One of the more intriguing photos is of Abraham Lincoln and his son Thomas. The photo from 1865 reveals just how tall Lincoln looked while sitting compared to his standing son. It’s also a cute picture to look at.

There are quite a few photos present of transportation. There are a lot of horse carriages but also trains present as well. You can even see some families traveling across the country in their carriages.

There’s great beauty in the many city shots. One of the gorgeous shots comes from 1893 Chicago. This photo features a large city picture with a woman in the foreground. Look at how remarkable the architecture appears.

There are also a lot of photos of leisure activities present. This includes a tennis team, a family celebrating Christmas, and three people enjoying a day at the beach. There’s even a shot of Mardi Gras from the 1890s.

So many of these photos help make history come alive. They’ve not only survived time but have been restored to great beauty. Looking through these photos makes one feel like they can explore American history with their eyes.

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Rare revealing photos from the 1800s