When This Rat Hears His Human Sneezing, He Runs To Grab Her A Tissue. I Can’t Believe It!

To most people, rats may seem to fit more in the rodent category than in the cute and cuddly box. But anyone who’d ever had a pet rat knows that there is a lot more to these furry little creatures than their bad PR.

In fact, rats are extremely intelligent and curious animals. The rat in the video below is living proof. Meet Pepper and his human Abby Roeser. With a bit of training, Roeser has taught Pepper how to be well-mannered and caring.

As soon as Pepper hears Roeser sneeze, he knows just what to do. He leaps up and runs across the room, all to fetch her a tissue! And Pepper isn’t the only clever rat in Roeser’s home. She owns several rats, all of whom she’s ytrained to perform various adorable tricks.

“I train my pet rats using clicker training and positive reinforcement. Their favorite treats are Cheerios, but they also enjoy working for dog treats, peas, and dinner leftovers,” writes Abby.

It just goes to show that we should never judge a book by it’s cover–or what other people say about it. If you’re interested in getting a rat pal of your own, be sure to check local rescue organizations, and avoid shopping at pet stores.

Check out Pepper and his friends in the video below! What did you think? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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